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Embarking on the global information and technological revolution with a “Dynamic Futuristic Solutions” strategy . . .

We seek to be a company that contributes by providing innovative, dynamic, futuristic solutions and services across a range of businesses and industries that empowers them to succeed.

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About Us



Our mission is to help reshape the future with our dynamic futuristic solutions and innovations. We will help you achieve sustainable growth through process and technology optimisation.



We help you to incorporate a futuristic approach to engineering excellence, ensuring agile and high-quality value delivery supporting continual change and fast reactions.



From education, start-ups, FinTechs, banks, retails & e-commerce, airlines, travel, leisure, researches and other areas, we aspire to contribute our solutions and services to your success stories.


Empowering education through the technology

The most empowering force shaping this world is the power of education, creating knowledge, building confidence and opportunity. It’s the key to the future and a better life.

Our Solution

Our solutions work with schools, colleges, universities, educational institutions, subject experts or tutors and other educators to provide instant access to information with improved decision-making capabilities and simplified communication within the management, staff, teachers, students, parents, experts and others, raising standards in teaching and learning.

New perspective

We aim to provide educators the freedom and time to teach with EDUS providing the data and information for better assessments, whenever and wherever. It’s useful tool for safeguarding, as parents and educational organisations can easily view and monitor their child’s attendance and other academic activities.

Empowering education in more productive, collaborative, and meaningful approach

EDUS aims to work with educators and educational organisations or institutions across the globe to build user friendly tools and services to empower teaching, learning along with innovation at one place

Subject experts or private tutors, delivering personalised education service

EDUS aims to deliver tailored education for your success where the subject experts or tutors publish their courses/lessons, and anybody can book those lessons by a quick search. Multitude of courses/subjects are going to be covered; from schools, colleges, universities, be it technology, yoga, music, dance, etc.

Virtual Classes

Real Time


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